Saturday, December 22, 2007


This is a great PTC programme. It pays well and in time.
Are you tired of searching? At OurPTR2 you'll never see a single search ad but many ads for real goods and services you don't see at many other programs.

OurPTR2 mail is kept onsite but you can fetch your email with your Outlook or even set up Yahoo Mail to get it for you.

You are also free to choose which types of ads you want. Don't want PTP? Then don't opt in. Don't want points? Then don't opt in.

Do you like fun and games? OurPTR2 has reward games like trivia, weekly & monthly click contests, Hangman, Magic Wand, Crossword...

And: no program support links! Be honest, active and if you can, support the advertisers - nothing more is expected of you!

Please come join us and help us make a difference!

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